Digital Marketing Strategy

Before Leads & Conversions

Introduction to digital marketing

Step 1: Introduction

Tell us about your solution, its benefits for your ideal customers & your preferred approach to reach them.

market analysis and competitions

Step 2: Analysis

We’ll analyse your brand’s online presence’s current state, including its strengths & deficiencies.

Conceptualisation of brand advertisement

Step 3: Conceptualisation

Based on our evaluation & your brand’s potentials, we’ll develop potential paths to reach your goal.

planning an effective and a conversion rich digital marketing strategy requires knowledge on users' behaviour and potential of available channels.

Step 4: Game Plan

A digital marketing strategy is created based on a mutual understanding & available resources.

implementing a marketing plan requires organisation of resources such as content, funnels and messaging of solution's benefits.

Step 5: Implementation

Every piece of content & strategy are compiled, previewed & processed. Additional A/B testing approaches are set ready.

a successful marketing plan launch requires understanding of various online platforms and channels and how to get viewers to react.

Step 6: Launch

Initiation of reaching to the stars.

optimisation and improvement of a digital marketing campaign requires statistics & information of users' behaviour.

Step 7: Monitoring & Optimisation

Evaluation on performance, analysis on insufficient outcomes & utilisation of optimisation approaches based on the performance signals.

Conversion Opmitisation after Launch

Adjustments in a sales funnel


After launch, we will work on evaluating the post-launch data and changing methods accordingly.

Creating a new customer profile for each campaign

New Profiles

Even after launch, it is important to remember that new target audiences might become relevant to your business.

Retargeting is necessary for every company to capture the lost leads.

Retargeting Measures

Once a prospect has interacted with your marketing message, he can be retargeted on other platforms.

Shifting focus to successful messaging.

Focus Shift

Resource allocation is sustenance of your system -- pour resources into what is performing well and shift focus from what isn’t.

Expansion of the thriving marketing strategy in other platforms.


If your model sees success on one platform, then transitioning it to another is mandatory. Don’t rely on only one platform, use your winning strategy on multiple fronts.

Automation scales the business growth into the new spheres.


Once you have created a working model is created, it can be automated to work for you passively

After Conversion -

Deeper Customer Relationships.

Always Upsell services to customers

Up-Selling Your Clients -
Winning Mutual Benefits

Upsell aims to give your clients more value by upgrading the product package or giving them a  discount. If the customer is ready to buy a product from your online store, you can upsell them by offering a higher class of the same product at a slightly higher price. The better you present the product, the more inclined the customer will be to buy it.  Upselling gives both you and your clients extra value, so implement an upsell strategy now

Advocacy works always in the digital world

Advocacy - The Best Type of Advertising

Advocacy is a simple way that your business can be advertised. When a client is extremely satisfied by the product or services you offer, he is likely to share his enthusiasm with his close of kin. This passive way of advertising is known as advocacy. Believe us, if your clients are satisfied, they will let others know. What better way to satisfy your clients than by providing them a unique online experience.