Enable Young Families to Enter & Stay on the Home Equity Ladder

There are 3 videos to watch on this page:

1) Intro to Me & Business Plan Pitch.

2) Investment Contract Explanation.

3) Walkthrough: How to Invest in Amanecer.

Please reserve 1h 30mins to go through the page’s videos

Allow Me to Introduce Myself & Pitch to You
(59 mins)

Check the Certificate of Incorporation.

Check Delaware state’s Approved Certificate of Incorporation.

Check the Financial Model for Amanecer, upto 5 years of modelled data.

Let Me Elaborate on the Investment Contract (13 mins)

Download a copy of the
S.A.F.E. Investment Agreement
(download from Google Drive)

How to Invest in Amanecer - the Walkthrough Video
(11 mins)

How to get started with investing.

Consider the amount you’re ready to invest.
Once you’re sure about your investment, text me:

1) Email address, where I can send the SAFE note contract;

2) Your investment sum you’re ready to commit for Amanecer.

Text to the following number – (+1) (754)-354-3773