Leads for real estate agents & mortgage lenders

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Via paid social ads, forwarded calls & video marketing

Pay for leads after
closed listings & purchase
agent contracts, not for mere
interest appointments.

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How Do We Operate?

Step #1: We Plug You into our Appointment Setting System

No guess work here – we’ll generate leads from your operational area, filter the leads & set up appointments on your behalf, so you can concentrate on sales, networking & closing deals.

We have only one obsession & one goal –
your return on investment.

Step #2: Lets Build You a
Video Portfolio

Creating a ready-to-serve video portfolio over your listings/offers, tips about your operational area’s gems & informative content about financing to uplift your business’ visibility & catch new customers organically.

Turn the tables in your favour & make the viewers reach out to you – regardless whether they are property sellers, local / relocating buyers, developers or investors.

Step #3: Time to Fulfil Your Schedule

In the real estate sector everything is about time, since you want to be the first who make the call… to a lead that fits your growth target – and we’ll forward that call to you.

As such, we’ll make sure that you receive the qualified leads’ details as soon as possible & help you with reminders.

Step #4: Plug new agents in & stabilise your team’s growth

Build foundations for becoming the recognised agent in your operational area.

And once you start grow your team, integrate them to our appointment setting system – enabling an easy start for your team, and a stabile growth for your business.

Our Services

Better visibility means more reach, and better access to ideal audiences
& qualified customers – and ultimately, more profit.

Paid Ads Management

We'll make sure your Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube platforms' ads prosper and reach their goals.

Emails, SMS & Forwarded Calls

Time is everything in money business - starting from the first call to the nurturing cycles, we got your back

Video Marketing, Short & Long

The old TV is now in everyone's hands, and we'll help you to harness its organic visibility for your agency.

Video Content Management

All-in-one help in your video content's creation: planning content themes, advising on gadgets & editing the material.

Why these approaches?

Measure Your Success

Constant streamline of video content & ads' performance data will give you a levarage over your competitors.

Qualify Your Customers

Growth requires knowing who you want to deal with. To scale your growth, we'll help you to reach the ideal customers.

Organic Contacts

Time is precious, and your customers want to know who they are dealing with. Trust is only the first step in a deal.

Ready to Head for That
Top Producer Title?

Let's Get Talking

Traits of our clients


We take only one partner from each urban area, as we have the ambition to make your agency the best in your town.
Hence you must have hunger to level up – not only on mental level, but financially as well.


Success of your growth demands commitment to keep pushing the content out consistently. Your growth’s lever cannot be sustained without a commitment to keep the content wheels turning.
Quitting half way through is not an option for us.


Clear communication is what enables people to understand what are your goals & facilitates the steps in a plan to get there.
When in doubt, express it out loud.


Choosing a ‘pay for performance’ approach builds trust in partnerships, and is a two way street. Thus, tweaking for growth requires a full understanding of the sales conversion & deal closures’ success. Facilitated deal tracking & clarity are necessities.

We take pride in being part of our clients’ growth journey’s realisation,
and in the moment when the journey turns into a friendship.